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Sones Rating for Range Hoods, Why It Matters?

May 13, 2024

Are you in the market for a new range hood? To help you make your decision, you're presumably considering size, CFM, performance, quality, and appearance etc. However, have you considered the noise level of your future range hood? Range hoods create a variety of sounds. A Sones rating is commonly used to assess it.

What Is A Sone And How Does It Apply To Range Hoods?

A sone is a unit of loudness. The noise level of a kitchen ventilation fan is generally measured in sones. Sones are used to measure both kitchen and bathroom fans.

It's vital to find a range hood with the right noise level for your cooking needs. Due to their obnoxiousness, many individuals avoid using their kitchen fans. However, with a quiet, energy-efficient variable-speed range hood, you'll be able to cook in peace and quiet while also maintaining a clean home.

A sone is roughly 1,000 Hz and has a sound level about 40 dB higher than a standard reference level. To put it another way, a sound that exceeds four sones is roughly four times louder than the average reference level. It's worth noting, though, that two sones do not equal 80 decibels. The number of decibels does not rise in a linear fashion. Instead, they take a curved path that gradually flattens out.

There is a formula that will help you convert sones to decibels:


1 sone= 33.2*log10(1) + 28 = 28 dB

If you want to skip the complicated match calculation, you can follow this chart below:

Sones Decibels
1 28
2 37.99
3 43.84
4 47.99
5 51.21
6 53.83
7 56.06
8 57.98
9 59.68
10 61.2
11 62.57
12 63.83
13 64.98
14 66.05
15 67.05
16 67.98
17 68.85
18 69.68
19 70.45
20 71.19


To help you get the point easier, below are some reference,

 ✦ One sone: the sound of a refrigerator humming

✦ Two sones: a quiet office or another professional environment

✦ Three sones: a TV playing at a comfortable volume

✦ Four sones: a typical conversation between two people

✦ Five sones: a louder, more active conversation

✦ Six sones: a quieter restaurant setting

✦ Seven sones: light traffic

✦ Eight sones: the average sound of traffic

✦ Nine to ten sones: congested traffic sound

Why Sone Level Matters?

The importance of sone levels is that they help you make an informed choice when buying a range hood. Many homeowners consider other aspects such as power, but neglect to consider the range hood's noise level. This is a big mistake because if you have a hood with a loud extractor fan, you'll be tempted not to use it. This defeats the purpose of owning a range hood.

Factors that Affect the Quietness of a Range Hood

The Installation Type

 Your range hood's silence is influenced by how it's fitted. Check the type of installation and see if it is compatible with your kitchen before making a purchase. Island, under cabinet, and wall mount are the most common installation types. Noise levels vary depending on which range hoods are installed.

 A range hood's performance and noise level can be harmed if it's installed incorrectly. Have the appliance professionally fitted to guarantee adequate venting for the greatest results. They will also be able to advise you on the best range hood to buy.

Ducts of The Range Hood

The noise level might also be affected by ducts. Generally speaking, the larger the duct, the quieter the operation will be. The noise generated by air inside the range hood and air exiting the home is reduced by having a larger exhaust hole.

Take into account if you're employing flexible or rigid ducting. The use of flexible ducting allows for a more quiet operation. Under cabinet range hoods are the same. The duct is concealed inside the cabinet, which also acts as a sound barrier.

The Size of The Range Hood

The range hood's dimensions. The noise level will also be affected. Range hoods with larger motors have more suction power and make more noise in general. Before you buy a range hood, make sure to check the sones level. Look for a multi-speed setting so you can simply manage the appliance's loudness and power output.

The larger the range hood's motor, the more noise it is likely to make. If you plan to purchase a large range hood, be sure the sones level is within your desired range. A range hood with an external motor system is also an option. To reduce noise, this device is installed on the roof or in the attic.

CFM Of The Range Hood

The amount of air that can pass through the system is measured in cubic feet per second (CFM). The CFM of a range hood indicates how quickly it can circulate or remove air from the system. As a result, the higher a range hood's CFM, the more air it moves through the system. Noise levels and CFM levels are essentially synonymous. This is because additional power causes the range hood to emit more noise when it is in use.

Filters Of The Range Hood

Filters are included with range hoods to assist filter the air. These filters are available in a variety of materials and patterns. Furthermore, each filter is distinct in its own way, resulting in a range of noise levels.  

How to Know The Proper Sones Rating For Your Kitchen

Your preferred sone rating is determined by your cooking style and preferences. You'll need a range hood equipped to handle the heat, fumes, and steam if you do a lot of heavy-duty cooking at high temperatures. These models are more likely to make a lot of noise than those suited for light cooking.

The noise level can be controlled by adjusting the settings and doing routine maintenance. To find the ideal balance of suction power and noise control, experiment with the multi-speed settings. Range hoods with a delay shut-off function can also be beneficial. After a set amount of time, they will turn off the appliance.

Last But Not Least

Understanding your range hood's sone rating can assist you in selecting the best model for your cooking needs and comfort level. Keep in mind that range hoods with more powerful motors and suction will produce more noise. They are, however, great at sucking up odors, gases, and oil quickly. 

You may strike the appropriate balance by choosing a range hood with a powerful motor and multiple speed settings. The Empava 36RH14 has a 4-speed option that allows for maximum noise and performance control. If you want to talk to friends while cooking, for example, put the range hood to the lowest level. Set the fan to the highest level if you want to clean the air quickly.

Do you require additional assistance in selecting the best range hood for your kitchen? You've arrived at the appropriate location. Empava's team is here to assist you. To get started, give us a call today.

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