"Mighty”Hot Tub Series
What’s new? Hot tub 2.0 era opens!

Live with your social circle!

Born to stand out, not to fit in
The safest disinfection

The 100% full-cycle ozone filtration system takes hot tub disinfection to a new level without using harmful traditional chlorine or bromine.

The most durable material

After visiting 15 countries, we chose Lucite material for its potential lifelong durability coming from its anti-acid/alkali/bacteria properties.

The most social caliber

Over 200 testers of various sizes and ages helped design the bottom bench to ensure no more leg numbness or uncosy sitting for everyone.

Social Not So-So, Make Your Tribe Vibe
Family time, friend time, but never a bad time
What kind of hot tub 2.0 era we are creating?
Empava SPA3527
The cleanest hot tub ever with 100% full-cycle ozone filtration & double pumps
4 Seats | Size: 82.68x62.20x28.74 inches
Empava SPA3550
3-in-1 massage methods mimicking petrissage, effleurage, and tapotement massage
6 Seats | Size: 84.65x84.65x34.65 inches
Empava SPA3528
Empava’s biggest “Mighty” series hot tub for up to 5-7 people
5 Seats | Size: 86.61x86.61x34.25 inches
What kind of hot tub 2.0 era we are creating?

Empava is making hot tubs that grow with you the whole life. Starting from the first small world, where it’s just you, we offer the freestanding tub to help find serenity in the midst of hustle-bustle; to the bigger world where you reach out to your love, we nurture the love with our whirlpool massage tub until it grows into a big tree.

We are the brand that delves into and understands life most, and also the one to witness and love.

They are asking, they are saying...
How should I clean my hot tub?
  • Drain the water regularly: you are recommended to drain the water every 3-4 months, which can remove the dirt, oils, and other contaminants.
  • Clean the hot tub surface with cleaners: please choose special hot tub cleaners and apply them to the surfaces of the tub and then wipe them clean. Don’t use abrasive pads to scour your tub or it could damage the tub.
  • Clean or change the filter frequently: you are recommended to clean the filter monthly or change the filter every 3-4 months. When cleaning the filter, you can soak it in the cleaners first and then spray it clean with jets.
Winters in my area are typically severe. What measures can I take to ensure the safety of my hot tub during harsh weather conditions?

All of our hot tubs come equipped with a cover, ensuring their ability to withstand various weather conditions such as snow, rain, high heat, and so on. Regardless of the duration or severity of outdoor exposure, our hot tubs can always maintain their safety and integrity independently. So, just use it with peace of mind!

Is there specific wiring needed for outdoor hot tubs?

Yes. Our hot tubs need specific wiring for their proper operation, which is relatively simple to set up involving a GFCI cord and an outside GFCI. For more information, please contact Empava customer service or read the product datasheet to learn more about it.