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To make a unique bathroom, it takes the imagination revelry, just unleash it and ride!

empava custom 2 person tub


empava custom 2 person jetted tub


whirlpool function for tub
Whirlpool Massage

Providing deep and strong massage to loosen up muscles and tissue, especially for gym goers or those suffering from soreness or pain in the body.

air therapy
Air Massage

With gentler massage than whirlpool massage, it is very fit for kids, the elderly, pets, or those with fragile skin, which makes it have high family value.

Oxygen Revi-skin Therapy
Oxygen Revi-skin Therapy

The oxygen revi-skin therapy produces microbubbles with a diameter of 10-40 micrometers. It can penetrate deep into the pores and cleanse the skin effectively.

Waterfall with colorful lights
Waterfall with colorful lights

With the oxygen-generating waterfall function along with the most effective Chromatherapy LED lights to relax, the hydrotherapy effect is boosted.

neck whirlpool headrest
Neck Massage Headrest

A groundbreaking design to break the limitation that normal whirlpool tubs can not massage the upper neck, hence a truly full body massage is achieved.

Pre-installed Thermostat
Pre-installed Thermostat

With an inline heater to keep the water hot, which can not only save the hot water refilling troubles but also prevent you from getting cold in winter.

Seven series guide you better
If you are dazzled by the swarming of the tubs, then try to pick it series by series to arrange your thoughts. The "eighth series" is on the way, stay tuned!
empava 2 person jetted tub with pillow
Classicist Cure Series
Explore more details to make a call, it’s time to renovate your kitchen!
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