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Wonderful tub with water & air jets with heater!

This tub is a great size for our space. It has both water and air jets, along with a water heater to maintain the perfect temperature. The different lights add a very soothing feel when the jets are on. Highly recommend!

Worth the price!

I got this tub after remodeling my room, and it's perfect for unwinding after a long day at work. I highly recommend it! I’m very satisfied with my purchase and might even buy another one for another room in the house.


Works perfectly!! Has definitely improved my outlook on life!

Beautiful Tub

The tub is very sleek and comfortable, and I love the air and water jets. However, there are a few things you should know. The lights can’t be set to a specific color, they just cycle through all the colors. Other than that, everything else is satisfactory.

My Tub

I got this tub as a special gift for my lovely wife, and it’s fantastic! The jets are powerful, the colors are amazing, and there’s plenty of room to stretch out and relax. It arrived in perfect condition, well-packed, and in stunning color. We couldn't be happier with it!

Best bathtub you can buy

The quality and features of this tub are unbeatable. You can easily save yourself hundreds while getting more than you expected. Jets, Inline heater, LED lights – it has it all. We absolutely love ours!

Beautiful Addition to my Bathroom

This bathtub is everything I wanted and more. It fits perfectly in my space, and the jets and air pressure are just right, especially after a long day. The heater keeps the water nice and warm, which is a big plus! Would definitely recommend!

Luxury Jets

This tub has been a fantastic addition to my home. The jets are super powerful, and the ambient lighting really sets the mood. The heat feature is so relaxing that it makes me want to stay in the tub longer than I should! The hand sprayer has amazing pressure and makes cleaning the tub a breeze. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to upgrade their bathroom.

best bathtub!

perfect bathtub for our bathroom!

Just what we needed !!

Well I ordered this tub, we just installed it a few days ago. We have enjoyed it the pass few days.

Luxury look and feel with awesome features!

This bathtub is fantastic! LED lights add a really nice touch to the bathroom. Everything is just as advertised! I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to add a bit of luxury to their bathroom.

4th tub is the charm

We ordered our first 67” whirlpool tub on 2/28/24 from Amazon. ALL three tubs through Amazon were damaged on arrival, in spite of a reasonable packing job including plywood. After wasting 2 months and holding up our contractor, waiting on a functioning, non-damaged tub, we ordered directly from Empava. The tub arrived in flawless condition (same packing as the other three tubs), was installed and works flawlessly. It is very comfortable, and very quiet. I do think the jets could be upgraded to a larger motor, but it’s still very nice. Looks great too!
The takeaway here is this (I just recently learned this online): Amazon takes a 15% cut of the price and sets the shipping charges for the item, as well as who they have to deliver the item. ALL 3rd party sellers that sell thru Amazon get the majority of their sales by Amazon, due to algorithms set up by Amazon (ever looked up the Top 5 list of any item? They are all collated by Amazon). They are caught between a rock and a hard spot, they need Amazon to keep their doors open, but take a hit on EVERY product sold. You may find it on Amazon, but ORDER directly from the vendor. The service is better, your product will most likely arrived undamaged, and you wont have to wait 2 months for a refund from Amazon (if you get one at all!).
I wish I had started with Empeva directly. Learn from my mistakes.

Perfect look

The jacuzzi has a perfect finish, combined with brush nickel set, excellent. Shipping not so satisfied. It was wrongly handle and needed some adjustment of the covers.

The Deluxe Matrix Pod

This tub is a refuge from the matrix. I recommend buying a 1500 watt emergence heater to raise and keep it hot at will. I have no complaints other than the touch pad being sensitive to water. Just dry it before using the control pad.

It’s alright !

I like it it’s a little narrower than my other one the jet it fits me perfectly but my hubby that’s 7 ft and 300 lb lol no but he can sit in it once LOL but covers push on your back but that’s okay they are wonderful u can turn the pressure up for down the feet one are amazing.! I definitely will be boxing in this tub in it will just look a lot better it has LED lights red blue green white u can pick or have it rotate colors it has a heater to keep water warm idk if u can choose temperature usually goes to 100 or something I think had the air bubbles that come from the bottom also has waterfall and jets of course wish the ones lower by the drain would be positioned differently for my side of the leg but that’s okay!

Tub Review

I requested brushed gold faucets, which I received, but the hardware around the jets is chrome. This looks tacky. How can I get the correct hardware and can it even be replaced? I'm so disappointed.
Please let me know,
Laurie Schmidt

Awesome tub!!

Everything went in pretty easy. So far it works like a charm.

Golden bath tub

I ordered the gold kit but I have to install it, it is not very easy to replace it, why would the point I like to keep with some of the silver accessories, at the end all details don’t match. Don’t look good. What’s the point of offering different colors if you have to change it and at the end the bath tub won’t look that good.


I purchased the EMPV-67AIS10 67'' L X 28.7'' W X 29.5'' H
67" Freestanding Whirlpool Bathtub with Center Drain and opted for the brushed nickel fixtures. You must install them yourself. Unless you have the hands and arms of a 7 year old, there is no way you’ll complete the installation. My plumber would not and could not swap them out. Customer service is of little help. They gave me a few videos that were clipped. I found additional videos on YouTube but not for this model. Hmmm, I wonder why?!! Impossible. Final warning: DO NOT PURCHASE THE OPTIONAL FIXTURES!

Impressive quality

I am extremely happy with my purchase 67in Bathtub from ibathtub. The quality of the product is impressive. I was a little concerned with the glass front but it's built very well. The jets are powerful and adjustable to fit your needs. It was shipped quickly and came undamaged. I highly recommend this company and this Bathtub!

Great product

Beautiful bathtub, I will recommend


Hi! I’m still waiting for you to pick -up the tub I returned. The se idk one you sent works perfectly :) [****]

Empava 67" Thermostatic LED Tub

Finally got it installed, literally yesterday due to bathroom renovation. The tub is quite narrow but understandable due to all the compacted multiple feature operating systems in it. Although, the motors are very loud and does take away from what's supposed to be a relaxing spa experience. I ran through all the features but after about 25 minutes the entire system shut down. Not sure if it over heated or the electric panel breaker tripped. But overall, I do like the tub, the heat, lights and waterfall features are great.. if I can get the air/ Whirlpool jets to stay on for any duration that would be good.
Is there anyway to get quieter motors for this unit???

great product

product was delivered in time, without major issues. Freight company was helping to bring the bathtub in garage and check delivery. container was a bit damage but no issue with the product.
Will update review as will use more intensive the product

Beautiful tub, packed very well and delivered fast. Would recommend!