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One stop to get the whole suite to create the ideal kitchen, to cook every meal to remember.
Create the kitchen that loves you
A sharp kitchen is born from the right appliances, and delicacy is born from a sharp kitchen. Don’t dream, create right away.
Wine Cooler
Don’t you want your wines always ready? Always the right flavor and temperature to serve tongue-smacking satisfaction for you and the guests.
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Amazed by the World-class Italian craft, stunned by the fast cooking speed with up to 6 burners over 15000-BTU, and bewitched by the bold line art.
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Electric Cooktop
Pinpoint heat accuracy to get full control of cooking speed, and cook with no skin-burning risk at all, time to try this novel way to cook.
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Wall Oven
Bending to bake is a game for young age and strong spines, so we chose ovens that allow baking while standing. Air frying, sabbath mode, what else?
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Pizza Oven
Expand your kitchen from the indoor house to the outdoor yard to infuse natural elements beyond wood cooking but also a fresh mood.
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Gas Range
Save the hassle of leaving space for the cooktop and gouging your wall. Simply slide the 2-in-1 range hood into any place and use it right away.
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Range Hood
The strong air volume drafts the smoke, the dome stops it from escaping, and the backlash valve prevents its return, so the fresh air trilogy is done.
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Kitchen indoors, also kitchen outdoors
Get a whole set of appliances to expand your kitchen to the outdoors, to truly release the potential of the kitchen.
Bake outside for a bigger party

Our pizza ovens can act as a mini outdoor kitchen and roving serving car to expand the party range as big as you like. Along with one sip of nice-reserved wines, that's the vibe!

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One sip is never enough

Who says nice-reserved wines? We hear you! With dual zones targeted for red wines and white wines along with 4 dimensions of a stable environment keeping from anti-vibration racks, a heat-resistant motor, a self-defrosting feature, and an anti-UV door, each drop-sized bliss is real!

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Complete the whole-set outdoor kitchen

Only one pizza oven limits the potential of the outdoor kitchen, so bring in the portable 2-in-1 gas range. The gas tank is connected, the cooktop and oven run, and then the whole outside cooking suite is completed! Nonstop party, nonstop freedom!

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Hot Picks Items
  • Supports wood and gas energy sources.
  • 800℉ temperatures/90 seconds baking.
  • Versatile dishes cooking like BBQ and so on.
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  • 6 essential functions for cooking novices.
  • Anticlockwise fan circulates heat faster.
  • Dual venting channels dissipate heat faster.
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  • Vertical burner location stores on small edge.
  • Basic settings for single-life cooking.
  • Venting holes on 3 sides dissipate heat faster.
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  • 12-inch super mini size for a small kitchen.
  • 2 types of heat for single-life cooking.
  • Supports both LPG and NG energy sources.
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