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Empava: Revolutionizing Bath Wellness With Innovation And Trust

July 10, 2024

When it comes to selecting a bathtub, you’re making more than just a home investment–you’re investing in your well-being. Especially in this day and age, when the bathroom has become a central hub of relaxation and unwinding, it’s important to choose a tub that offers comfort, health, and style all in one package. And that’s exactly what Empava, one of the leading luxury bathware brands in the world, stands for: the perfect merger of quality, innovation, and trust.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Bathtub

A bathtub is so much more than just a bathtub. It’s a retreat, a relaxing escape and a luxury statement piece. Learn why the right bathtub is so important to a sanctuary of comfort and wellness.

A Body-Fitting Experience: Match Your Tub to Your Lifestyle

Can you imagine anything more relaxing than a bathtub tailored specifically for you? The best luxury bath tubs provide the contours and sizes that match your unique needs for the ultimate relaxing and comfortable experience. 

For some, a bathtub might be a quick relaxing escape; while for others, it could be a long soak in the tub. Whatever your bathing preference, you should select a luxury soaking tub that complements your lifestyle. 

Much like a well-tailored jacket, a well-proportioned bathtub that suits your body shape can make a world of difference while you unwind.

Superior Design: Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa-Like Retreat

A bathroom is not merely a practical room but your own personal getaway. The best bathtub enhances the visual charm of your bathroom and converts it into a spa-like retreat. 

Stunning luxury freestanding tubs can become the centerpiece of your bathroom design. From contemporary, compact designs to traditional freestanding tubs, you’ll find the ideal tub that adds elegance and allure. 

With added features such as integrated LED lighting and waterfall faucets, your luxury bath tub can improve the aesthetic of your bathroom while producing soothing sounds and lights to help you decompress after a busy day at work.

Hydrotherapy: A Bath That’s Good for You

The best bathtub can play an important role in your wellness. From hydrotherapy to body-fit designs, some tubs are created with your health in mind. Whirlpool jets and bubble baths offer therapeutic qualities. 

By easing muscle tension, improving circulation and enhancing relaxation, you can rejuvenate your whole body. A tub with back and arm support promotes good posture and eases joint pressure, perfect for people with chronic back pain or arthritis.

Maximize Your Space: Wall Mount Your Bath Tub

Whether you enjoy a large ensuite or a more modestly sized bathroom, the best bathtub is key to creating space without sacrificing style or comfort. From space-saving corner tubs to exquisite soaking tubs, you’ll find the perfect fit for any room. With an attractive exterior and internal whirlpool, a freestanding whirlpool tub can give a small bathroom a light and airy feel. 

Some tubs come with removable skirts that provide install flexibility; you can choose to install the bathtub as a built-in or a freestanding model, depending on your room layout.

Value Addition: An Investment in Your Home

If you plan your bathroom well with a luxurious bathtub, it will surely add significant value to your property. It would be an investment to enhance your lifestyle as well as the resale value of your home. Bathrooms rank among the top preferred spaces in your home that can add more value to your property. 

A luxurious bathtub is a worthy addition that can lure your potential buyers. You should invest in buying a quality bathtub that can assure you of its long-lasting usage and can give you years of uninterrupted service.

Introducing Empava Brand

Among the hundreds of kitchen and bath brands, Empava is the only name that has been pushing the envelope, and setting higher standards in the industry. A brand that was started with a vision to redefine the buying experience of kitchen and bath products, Empava always innovates to design beautiful, practical and user-friendly products for today’s home owners.

The brand persona of Empava is the perfect blend of creativity, persistence and specialization. Every Empava product reflects its passion for innovation that symbolizes their quest to break norms and discover the new. It’s this quality of persistence that empowers Empava to keep offering the spectacular, the beautiful and functional ideas that carve a niche in tomorrow’s home lifestyle.

Empava Is Trustworthy Choice for Luxury Bathtubs?

The USP of Empava KBIS series lies in its unique and innovative wellness features like Revi-Skin oxygen therapy, acupoints-targeted massage and ozone safe disinfection that enhance your bathing experience and offer tremendous advantage to your health.

Revi-Skin Oxygen Therapy

The most innovative and first ever feature in bathubs, Revi-Skin oxygen therapy of Empava KBIS series dissolves the water molecules to micro-bubbles that cleanses the pores deeply without the need of any chemical additives. Just a single bath can enhance your skin hydration, softness and kills the bacteria for a cleaner bathing experience.

Acupoints-Targeted Massage

The targeted massage stimulates the pressure points on your body that alleviates your muscle tension and stress. The waterfall strips included in the neck reclining area gives you a simulated neck massage for deeper relaxation.

Design and Aesthetics

Apart from being functional, Empava luxury soaking tubs carry the essence of art. Every tub is a center-piece designed by its team of expert tub designers with agile and artistic lines that are loved by the luxury connoisseurs. 

Empava KBIS series comes with the unique feature of detachable fourth skirt. You can opt for a free standing tub or non-free standing by just removing or adding the fourth skirt. No more restrictions in relocating the tub or renovating your bath space. 

Empava cares for the nature and is equally concerned about your health that’s why these tubs are made of methanal-free SERC material. It is a non-toxic, environment friendly material that ensures the safety of all users especially the most vulnerable like babies and kids.

Each Empava bathtub is designed to offer you the ultimate bathing experience that heals you from the tiring daily activities. They come with powerful jets and whirlpool systems that create lashing water streams for a soothing muscle massage. Just close your eyes and enjoy the royal relaxation. 

You can also enjoy a romantic dip with your partner under the stars with some candle lights. Empava bathtubs are perfect for a family getaway on a weekend. Take a refreshing dive into your Empava bathtub and get rejuvenated for the coming week. You will surely love the experience.

Constant Heating Function

This function keeps the bath water warm and comfortable especially in the cold seasons. It reduces the frequent need for hot water refill and offers uninterrupted pleasant bathing experience.

Ozone Disinfection

The conventional methods of disinfection often create problems for people with sensitive skin and respiratory problems. Empava 100% full-cycle ozone filtration system eliminates such hazards and offers excellent disinfection ensuring the safety and cleanliness.

The Perfect 2 Person Tub

Are you the one who likes to share your bathing experience? Here is the answer. Empava 2 person jetted whirlpool tubs are spacious enough to fit2 people comfortably. Perfect for the couples who like to relax and unwind together.

Empava KBIS Series: Luxury Bathtubs for Modern Wellness

Empava recently participated in Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) that reflects their commitment towards innovation and excellence in their products. Their KBIS series luxury bathtubs carry the essence of style, comfort and advanced features that are perfect for those who like to experience the best in bath wellness.

EMPV-71JT801: Freestanding Combination Massage 2-Person LED Tub

The EMPV-71JT801 reflects the amalgamation of luxury and advanced features that Empava is known for. This 71-inch freestanding tub offers you a personalized bathing experience with its 64 massaging jets including 35 hydromassage jets and 28 bubble jets. 

The acupoints-targeted massage stimulates the pressure points on your body that alleviate your muscle tension and stress. Revi-Skin oxygen therapy dissolves the water molecules to micro-bubbles that cleanses the pores deeply. Just imagine the deep relaxation and the positive effects on your skin health. You can also adjust the water temperature, jet intensity and LED lighting colors to set the mood.

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EMPV-71JT802: Alcove Massage Thermostatic 2-Person LED Tub

The EMPV-71JT802 is practical as well as luxurious. Its 71-inch size and right drain design aptly fits in your bathroom. This alcove tub offers constant heating function that keeps the bath water warm and comfortable especially in the cold seasons. 

It reduces the frequent need for hot water refill and offers uninterrupted pleasant bathing experience. The two-level reclining slope and the round pillow designed to target the neck and back massage, are perfect for the cervical spondylosis patients. The waterfall strips in the neck area gives you a simulated neck massage for deeper relaxation.

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EMPV-75JT803: Freestanding Luxury Thermostatic 2-Person Rectangle LED Tub

The EMPV-75JT803 gives you the feeling of outdoor hot tubs. This spacious 75-inch tub easily accommodates 2 people with comfort. It carries all the features that immerse you in the ultimate relaxation. 32 hydromassage jets and 37 bubble jets along with acupoints-targeted massage and Revi-Skin oxygen therapy offers you the best wellness experience. 

The non-toxic SERC material used in this tub gives it a unique marble pattern that elevates the aesthetic appeal and is environment friendly as well. The changeable filter traps the pet hair making it perfect for pet owners. You can also enjoy the moonlight through its colorful LED lighting that adds the mood.

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Empava’s Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Empava’s commitment towards innovation is reflected in its overall design and manufacturing approach. Its participation in KBIS 2023 and 2024 signifies its dedication to keep up with the industry trends and developments. 

It integrates latest technology from AI-enabled kitchen appliances to advanced bathware features. It uses eco-friendly processes and sources its materials from environmentally conscious suppliers. 

It designs every product with long life and recyclability in mind. Empava conducts extensive market research and values the customer feedback to create products that fulfill the changing tastes and preferences.

Empava’s Future: Continuing the Legacy of Excellence

Empava’s future strategies are well defined and focused towards innovation, sustainability and customer satisfaction. They are looking to integrate smart home automation and AI powered features in their products by investing in extensive research and development. 

They are enhancing their sustainability by adopting eco-friendly processes in manufacturing and product design that resonates with their customer’s environmental conscious choices. They are also working to offer more customization options to their customers to provide perfect fit for their unique tastes and lifestyles.

Trust Empava for Your Bath Wellness Needs

Selecting a right bathtub is a big step towards improving your well-being and transforming your bathroom into your personal retreat. Empava’s KBIS series luxury bathtubs are the perfect amalgamation of advanced technology, exquisite design and customer-centric innovation. You can put your trust in Empava as they care for quality, sustainability and your well-being. 

They have been known for their excellence and innovation that makes them a trustworthy choice for bath wellness. Transform your bath time into a refreshing experience with Empava’s luxury soaking tubs and elevate your overall well-being with a bathtub that is perfect for your needs and style.

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