2024 Bathtub Design Trends: Luxury & Modern Ideas

2024 Bathtub Design Trends: Luxury & Modern Ideas

In the present-day environment, the design of our bathrooms has become a core aspect in achieving the perfect tranquil and high-end space. 

Bathtub design is moving towards the simplicity of the past: spa-like retreats, nature-inspired aesthetics, and cutting-edge technology. 

In short, this guide will take you through the top 2024 trends that will inspire you to transform your bathroom into a place of relaxation and style.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Luxury bathrooms in 2024 will feature freestanding bathtubs. They portray a virtue of versatility and visual value that makes them focal points.


Some common options include stone, acrylic, and cast iron, each providing its effect.

  • Stone: Stone bathtubs create a natural and earthy look, intertwining luxury and silence in the bathroom. With their solid and robust construction, stone tubs remain in the bathroom for a very long time.
  • Acrylic: These are light, and manufactured in countless sizes and forms, making them inexpensive to install and just the right thing for any contemporary bathroom. These warm very well, so you will not feel a chill washing.
  • Cast iron: This kind is made by use of cast iron and is considerably very strong with old-fashioned, satisfying beauty. They retain heat just fine, thus giving one of the best baths.

Design Idea:

It's a spacious bathroom with natural light flooding from a great window. In the corner lies a luxurious-looking, grand stone freestanding tub. Here's how to get a tranquil experience at home.

  • Choose The Perfect Natural Stone Bathtub
  • Opt for a stone bathtub that completes the look of extraordinary marble, granite, or travertine bathrooms emanating luxury. Think about the shape you desire: oval, rectangular, or sculptural.

  • Profile at the Window:
  • Add a stone freestanding tub and expose it to a generously sized window. The play of natural light on the stone surface sets an effect of relaxation. Now, imagine soaking when watching the outdoors.

  • Simplistic Environment:
  • Keep it to the essentials for surrounding decorations. Maybe a potted plant or a small stool with some soft towels. Let the stone tub be front and center, with nothing to clutter it up.

  • Texture Contrast:
  • Pair a stone tub with a different texture, like a smooth glass shower enclosure or wooden vanity. The contrast in texture only complements the aesthetics.

    Freestanding Bathtubs

    Product Example

    67" Freestanding Whirlpool Bathtub with Center Drain (EMPV-67AIS10)

    Smart Technology Integration

    The most thrilling trend this year is the introduction of smart technology in tubs. Smart tubs have quite several features, which make the experience of taking baths very personalized, and convenient, and ultimately make what is just a bath a luxury retreat.


    1. Built-in Speakers: Play your favorite music, podcasts, or audiobooks as you let your stress melt away to help create a truly multi-sensory experience.
    2. Temperature Control: You can adjust the water temperature very accurately to your liking, so every bath is just right.
    3. Mood Lighting: Set the color of your lighting near your bathtub according to your mood, from relaxing colors and effects for unwinding and calming to more energizing ones that will be effective in giving you a pick-me-up.
    4. Voice Activation: Bath control with simple voice commands for a hands-free and ultramodern experience.

    Design Concept:

    1. Voice-Controlled Smart Bathtub: Turn your bathroom into a smart one with this elegant bathtub that works by voice. Here's how it raises your bath game:
    2. Water Temperature: The water temperature can be controlled by voice. Just say, "Make it warmer" or "Cool it down," and the tub will respond accordingly.
    3. Mood Lighting: Set the perfect ambiance by simply commanding, for example, "Go to relaxation mode" or "Turn on soothing lights." The LED lights will adapt to your preference.
    4. Music: Ask your bath to play your favorite music classical, jazz, ABBA, or whatever—and the built-in speakers assure you of sound quality.
    5. Aromatherapy: Some smart tubs also have the option to add aromatherapy. You say, customer experience to the.
    6. Water Fill Control: You quickly set your desired level of water half-full to full capacity and your bathtub will fill to this level.


    Smart Technology Integration


    Product Example

    59" Freestanding Whirlpool Rectangle Tub with Center Drain (EMPV-59AIS15)

    Statement Colors and Finishes

    Bold colors and special kinds of finishes will make 2024 a year of big news for bathtubs, with these elements transforming the bathtub into a vogue centerpiece.


    1. Matte Black: These matte blacks have now found popularity for their sleek and contemporary look. They exude sophistication and, in fact, easily become the focal point of the interior in any bathroom.
    2. Gold: Rich opulence and luxury are the first notions that gold hues in design bring to bathrooms. Gold tones, either as a base color or a complementing accent, bring a really warm, welcoming feel.
    3. Jewel Tones: Deep jewel tones of color, such as emerald greens, sapphire blues, and colors of ruby red, are coming to the forefront in bathroom design. In fact, with jewel tones included, you are going to give your bathroom an in-depth richness.


    1. Textured Surfaces: Hammered metal or rough stone finishes bring the element of touch to the tub, making it just as visually interesting as it is interesting to feel.
    2. High-Gloss Finishes: With a high-gloss finish, the surface is very reflective, and glistening with a polished, mirror-like effect that further helps enhance the elegance of the bathtub.

    Design ideas:

    The whole thing would be so dramatic, lush with a matte black bathtub and gold fixtures. This combo has sophistication and modernism all about it.

    The level of contrast that has taken place with the deep matte black with shining gold fixtures is quite breathtaking—a visual centerpiece that can lift the look of a whole bathroom.


    Statement Colors and Finishes


    Product Example

    71" Freestanding Whirlpool Oval Bathtub with Center Drain (EMPV-71AIS14)

    Spa-like Features

    Transforming your bathroom into a personal spa is a trend that continues to gain momentum in 2024.

    Bathtubs with spa-like features enhance relaxation and wellness, turning a simple bath into a luxurious, rejuvenating experience.


    Whirlpool Jets

    The bathing jets convert an ordinary bathtub into a sort of therapeutic oasis. Jet pumps create hydraulic actions for massaging to give a calm, relaxed feeling to muscles.

    Whirlpool baths with all the jets put in strategic positions make a difference after a long day or anytime you want to relax.

    Chromotherapy (Color Therapy)

    Chromotherapy, or color treatment, is the use of colors in different ways to alter the mental faculty and physical wellness of someone.

    Each color represents specific vibrations that, in one way or another, affect health and harmony; here is how chromotherapy works:

    • Green: For tissue regeneration and antiseptic.
    • Yellow: Cleanse and restore the skin's quality.
    • Blue: The color of the regeneration of the muscle cells, skin, nerves, and circulatory system.
    • Red: Combats exhaustion and strengthens the circulation and the nervous system.
    • Indigo: A tonic of the blood in its purification process. It is a coagulant and analgesic.
    • Violet: Calms the nerves and the lymphatic system.
    • White: Soothes the nerves and is an energizer for cleaning the body.

    All these colors could be cycled through or paused at your favorite hue with the simple touch of the button on the chromotherapy lights in your whirlpool bathtub.

    Imagine how nice it would be to sit and soak in a warm bath surrounded by tranquil blue or reviving red light.


    Nothing beats a bath. Any wonderful tactile experience becomes even slightly better with aromatherapy included.

    Sensations will boost your mood, reduce stress, and introduce restful feelings.

    Some whirlpool bathtubs come with built-in aromatherapy dispensers. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and the soothing scents surround you.

    Design ideas

    This could be followed by an installed whirlpool bath with features of chromotherapy and aromatherapy to have a complete home spa.

    These functions can help ease stress, enhance circulation, and encourage a link to feeling better.


    Spa-like Features


    Product Example

    72" Alcove Whirlpool 2-Person LED Tub with Left Drain (EMPV-72JT367)

    Bathroom Ideas

    Coordinating Bathtub with Overall Bathroom Design

    A bathtub ought to be in harmony with other elements in the bathroom. Pay attention to the matching of the material and color on details:

    • Material Coordination: In case you have porcelain or ceramic tiles, go for a bathtub in the same material. It would be a seamless look.
    • Color Harmony: Choose a color for the bathtub that coordinates well with the other color choices for materials, such as tile or fixtures. For example, if tiles are in a neutral blue color, a neutral blue bath would do.
    • Consistent Styling: The design of the bathtub should go along with the general design of the bathroom. It makes a big difference if it is modern, classic, or rustic in style.

    Accessorizing for Luxury

    Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with high-end bathroom accessories.

    • Heated Towel Rack: Get yourself a heated towel rack. It will keep the towels warm for you and, above all, add a touch of class.
    • Designer Faucets: Install designer faucets in place of the dull, old ones. The overall look and ambiance of the place will be completed by having modern and well-crafted faucets.
    • Plush Bath Mats: Invest in plush, soft bath mats underfoot that feel nice and add to the luxurious mood of a room.

    Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Ideas

    Sustainability is key. Here's how to go green without losing the chic:

    Water-Saving Tub: Insert one of those water-conservation tubs—made to save water. Look for those made of recycled materials. A great choice for being ecologically conscious without compromising functionality or appearance.

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