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The Best Hot Tub Jet Cleaner for Your Hot Tub

May 13, 2024

The Best Hot Tub Jet Cleaners for Crystal Clear Water

If you want crystal clear hot tub water, regular maintenance with a quality jet cleaner is essential. Hot tub jet cleaners attach to your hose and use water pressure to clear away dirt, oils, calcium deposits and other debris that builds up in the small holes of the jets. We reviewed the top options to help you choose the right jet cleaner for your needs.

Benefits of Using a Hot Tub Jet Cleaner

Using a specialty jet cleaner has many advantages over just draining and scrubbing your hot tub jets by hand:

  • Removes debris from inside the jets and plumbing system, not just surface level dirt. Using pressurized water allows the cleaner to dislodge and flush out contaminants from deep inside the jet openings and pipes.
  • More convenient and less time consuming than draining and cleaning by hand. Draining and refilling a hot tub takes hours. Jet cleaners get the job done in 30 minutes or less.
  • Helps improve circulation and water flow. Buildup inside the jets can impede water movement and hydromassage action. Clean jets maximize pumping power.
  • Extends time needed between draining for deep cleans. Thorough jet cleaning removes debris that would normally require a full drain and scrub.
  • Prevents buildup that can lead to clogged jets. Calcium scale, lotion residue and other gunk can gradually restrict jet holes if not removed regularly. Cleaners help prevent clogs.
  • Maintains sanitation without harmful chemicals. The force of the jet cleaner also eliminates bacteria and biofilms that can form inside pipes over time.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hot Tub Jet Cleaner

As you shop for the best jet cleaner for your hot tub, keep these key factors in mind:

  • Type of Jets - Make sure the cleaner will work with your specific jet types. Rotating jets, directional jets, and others have unique shapes. The cleaner should match jet openings.
  • Jet Sizes - Some cleaners are better for larger jets over 2” in diameter, while others work for smaller jets. Measure your jet sizes.
  • Ease of Use - Look for ergonomic handles and angle flexibility to easily maneuver inside the tub. Swiveling heads like those on the Jet Line Cleaner are most user-friendly.
  • Hose Attachment - Cleaners that attach to your garden hose are most convenient for home use. Models like the Hot Tub Purge Cleaner are optimized for standard garden hoses.
  • Durability - Choose a sturdy jet cleaner that will last through regular use. Plastic is lightweight but can crack over time. Go for durable materials.
  • Price - Hot tub jet cleaners range from $20 to $60 or more. Make sure to balance quality with budget.

Reviews of the Top Hot Tub Jet Cleaners

Now that you know what to look for in a hot tub jet cleaner, let’s review some top options on the market. We chose cleaners suited for home hot tub maintenance ranging in price from budget to premium.

Jet Line Cleaner

This inexpensive jet cleaner is made by one of the leading hot tub manufacturers, so you can trust its quality and performance.


  • Attaches directly to garden hose
  • Adjustable angles fit different jet placements
  • Swiveling head makes maneuvering easy
  • Cleans jets as small as 5/8 inches
  • Long 17-inch handle protects hands from water


  • Plastic construction less durable than metal
  • Not as powerful as some models

Overall, the Jet Line Cleaner is a solid budget-friendly option for home hot tub maintenance. The adjustable swivel design makes cleaning simple, though it may require more scrubbing on tough buildup in larger jets. Still, it’s a great basic cleaner for the price.

Hot Tub Purge Cleaner

Want an aggressive jet cleaner? The Hot Tub Purge Cleaner is one of the most powerful options.


  • Uses both jets and brushes to scour tough debris
  • Available with brass jets for hard water areas
  • Sturdy nickel-plated brass construction
  • Uses garden hose and standard pressure
  • Handle grip protects hands


  • On the pricier side
  • May be too harsh for softer plastic jets

The spinning drill brush jets on this cleaner blast away even the most stubborn limescale and dirt. It’s a workhorse cleaner ready to tackle neglected hot tubs. Just take care when using on delicate surfaces.

Hot Tub Hose Vacuum Cleaner

This clever cleaner combines vacuuming suction with a rotating cleaning brush.


  • Vacuums debris from jets as it cleans
  • Helps clear out dirty hot tub water
  • Rotating brush helps scrub mineral scale
  • Attaches to garden hose
  • Long handle keeps hands dry


  • Hose connector could be sturdier
  • Takes practice to create a tight seal on jets

The ingenuitive design of the Hot Tub Hose Vacuum Cleaner lets you clean and drain dirty hot tub water simultaneously. This helps refresh the water while clearing the plumbing. Expect to go through a learning curve to get the hang of creating a sealed vacuum.

Jet Line Pro Cleaner

The Jet Line Pro from Hydro Systems is made specifically for hot tub maintenance pros, but works equally well for home use.


  • Pro-grade cleaner preferred by hot tub experts
  • Cleans a wide variety of jet sizes
  • Adjustable jets target dirt in hard to reach spots
  • Sturdy brass construction
  • Works with standard garden hose


  • High price tag
  • May be overkill for some home hot tubs

With adjustable angles and a rotating head, the Jet Line Pro provides complete cleaning coverage for all areas of your hot tub. The durable brass build can withstand commercial spa use for years. If you want a professional quality cleaner, this is it.

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Key Takeaways for Using Your Hot Tub Jet Cleaner

Once you’ve selected the right jet cleaner for your hot tub, follow these tips to get the best results:

  • Clean jets regularly as part of routine maintenance. Aim for at least monthly to keep water flowing freely.
  • Adjust water flow to match your jet material. Use lower pressure for soft plastic jets, higher for sturdy metal ones.
  • Move the cleaner slowly in and out and around each jet opening to allow time for debris to fully dislodge and suction out.
  • Start cleaning at the top jets and work your way down methodically. This helps avoid missing any.
  • Rinse away particles after each jet by replacing the cleaner with the hose nozzle and blasting clean water through.
  • Scrub the jet cleaner itself periodically to avoid transferring dirt between jets.
  • Make cleaning easier by draining water level a few inches below the jets first.
  • Supplement with monthly spa system flushing to remove contaminants from pipes.

With regular cleaning using the right jet cleaner for your hot tub, you can spend more time relaxing in an inviting, therapeutic hot tub and less time scrubbing away dirt and deposits manually. Enjoy crystal clear, sanitary spa water with optimal hydrotherapy massage benefits for years to come.

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