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Kitchen Appliances Buying Guide 2024: Factors, Features and FAQs

June 25, 2024

Replacing or buying major kitchen appliances for the first time can be nerve-wracking. Yes, plenty of options, along with ratings and reviews, are available in the market. Nevertheless, having so much on the list, you can be even more confused than assured about the perfect pick. 

To simplify your search, we have created this comprehensive kitchen appliances buying guide. It includes all the crucial factors and features to consider before getting your hands on 5 major kitchen appliances. The best part; we’ve incorporated products that suit every budget, lifestyle, and preference. 

So, let’s begin. 

Five Major & Most Sought-After Kitchen Appliances in 2024


1. Wine Coolers

With all those options available, finding the right wine cooler fridge can be tricky. The key is not to be distracted by variety and focus on what you want. For instance, if you want a big freestanding wine cellar, no problem; check out this 70-inch cellar. Want something compact? We even have a 24-inch under counter wine cooler for you. 

2. Gas Range

If you are an old-school cook and love the control and precision of gas cooktops, you would love to explore our gas range. The efficient burner design, high BTU output, and stylish design make it every cook’s favorite. Coming to its convection cooking option, it saves time as it cooks faster by evenly circulating hot air. 

3. Wall Ovens


From an entry-level gas wall oven to a high-performance model for seasoned chefs, at Empava, there is something for everyone. So whether you are on a tight budget or ready to splurge, we have a perfect oven option. Say you are looking for a temperature probe, multiple cooking modes, or smart connectivity; our convection wall ovens have it all. 

4. Built-in Cooktops (Gas and Induction)

Are you all about gas cooktops? Or is an induction stove what you prefer? At Empava, you find the best of both worlds. Our precise and highly efficient built-in gas and induction cooktops come in various surface types, trims, widths, and special features to suit your individual cooking needs. 

5. Range Hoods

Your kitchen shouldn't only look good but also smell nice and fresh. That's why you need a premium-quality wall-mount range hood. Our advanced hoods are thoughtfully designed to extract smells, steam, and stale air from the kitchen without being noisy. At the same time, it ensures that the kitchen's temperature remains the same as you wish. 

Six Factors to Consider Before Buying Major Kitchen Appliances

1. Budget 

It's cool to own a high-end appliance. But splurging thousands of dollars on a single product is not always wise, especially when on a tight budget. So, always be mindful of how much you will spend on each kitchen appliance and what functionalities can be covered within your spending plan.

2. Space

Imagine buying the perfect appliance, only to realize it's a misfit for your space. Ouch. A simple measuring tape would've helped. Never forget to measure the space you want to install or place the appliance.

3. Aesthetics

As one of the most used rooms, your kitchen deserves to be the most happening space in your house. This is only possible when your kitchen appliances are stylish, elegant, and advanced-looking. At the same time, they must match your kitchen's overall theme and aesthetics.

4. Installation

Installation is an extra expense that we often overlook. Hence, it’s crucial to determine how you are going to install an appliance. If you have prior experience, self-installation will be cost-effective. If not, it’s always recommended to let the professionals handle the task. Remember, major appliance installation may cost you about $100 to $300. 

5. Functionality

When buying a kitchen, never go for market hype or discounts. Instead, look for its functionality, such as features, settings, and capabilities. Also, make sure that those functionalities are compatible with your preferences and lifestyle. The appliance must perform the intended task reliably with convenience; otherwise, it will be a pain in your neck. 

6. Energy-Efficiency

No matter how sophisticated an appliance is, if it's not energy efficient, you will regret the buying decision later. Considering the ever-increasing electricity cost, you must choose the best energy-saving option. This way, you can reduce your monthly bills and afford more appliances.

Features to Look for in Your Major Kitchen Appliances

Wine Coolers

  • Capacity: Consider how many bottles you need to store. Depending on your requirements, you can either go for a large wine cooler that accommodates up to 60 magnum-sized wine bottles. Or a 15” compact wine fridge that fits snugly into smaller spaces. 
  • Temperature Zone and Range: Depending on the types of wines you’re going to store, you can choose a single, double, or multi-zone option. Similarly, you must consider a wide temperature range, i.e., around 40 to 65°C, as it keeps different wine types in perfect condition. 
  • Vibration Control: Look for wine cellars with reinforced shells and glass doors to resist potential accidents. Moreover, the elevated base and special beech rack will help minimize vibration. This feature is a must, as constant vibration may affect wine sediments and aging. 

Gas Range

  • Style and Design: The stainless steel exterior, enamel interior, and ergonomic zinc alloy control knobs are the perfect combination to add eye-catching appeal to the overall look.
  • Multiple Cooking Modes: Your gas range should support multiple cooking techniques, such as simmering, boiling, stir-frying, and caramelizing. Similarly, gas ovens must be ideal for defrosting convection roasts and bakes, infrared broiling, as well as natural airflow bakes.
  • Safety Features: Childlock, anti-tip bracket, flame failure protection, and auto re-ignition are some of the essential safety features to consider when selecting a gas range.

Wall Ovens

  • Uniform Heat Circulation: For best heat distribution, we recommend an advanced 360-degree convection system that heats the entire oven, including walls and racks.
  • Multiple Cooking Modes: It’s always better to select a spacious oven that is equally optimal for multiple cooking modes, including baking, broiling, air frying, and even self-steaming. 
  • Extra Racks: Extra racks allow you the convenience of arranging multiple dishes and cooking them simultaneously in an electric wall oven.  

Built-in Cooktops(Gas and Induction)

  • BTU and Power Rating: For gas cooktops, look for a range of low simmer (1,000 to 3,000 BTUs) to high simmer (15,000 to 20,000 BTUs). Whereas, for the electric cooktop, you must ensure higher wattage for quick and efficient heating. 
  • Adaptability: The best gas cooktops are LPG/NG convertible, which cater to both propane and natural gas cooktop needs. With this flexibility, the cooktops suit every space, from RVs to small kitchens and mobile homes.  
  • Effortless Cleaning: Sealed burners and removable grates make cleaning easy. You can also consider a vitro ceramic surface that is stain—and discoloration-resistant, which prevents spills from burning.

Range Hoods

  • Ventilation Type: Always look for the ventilation type of the extractor hood. You typically have two options: ducted (vented) and ductless (recirculating). We suggest ducted hoods as they dissipate heat and reduce humidity more efficiently.
  • Quiet Operation: Make sure the hood you buy operates under 65 decibels. This smart feature will allow you to cook without compromising your serenity or disturbing your household. 
  • Easy Maintenance: Hood range cleaning and maintenance can be challenging. We recommend you go for the hoods with baffle filters. These filters can be easily detached and are dishwasher safe, making cleaning a breeze. 

Find Your Perfect Kitchen Appliance at Empava

At Empava, the customers are our priority. Hence, all the products we have in-store are designed to satisfy diverse kitchen and household needs.

Whether you are up for kitchen remodeling or replacing specific kitchen items, here you will find what exactly you are looking for. The best part is that you can always find the best buy on a budget that suits your pocket without compromising features, quality, and functionalities.

Visit our website now!


  • Should you buy appliances in a bundle? 
  • Yes, but only if you need multiple appliances at once. Also, it can be a budget-friendly option as you might save money by buying major kitchen appliances in bulk. 

  • What’s the right time to buy a kitchen appliance? 
  • It's always better not to wait until your appliance breaks down completely. The best time is to start looking once you notice the appliance is aging. This way, you can make the right purchase without feeling rushed.



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