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Bathtub Inside Walk in Shower: Layout and Design Ideas

May 13, 2024

Having a bathroom that is both functional and beautiful is important for any home. Lately, walk-in showers have been growing in popularity for their accessibility and minimalist aesthetic. However, some homeowners may not want to sacrifice having a bathtub inside walk in shower. The solution? Combining these two fixtures into one cohesive design - a walk-in shower with a bathtub inside.

What is Walk-In Showers with Bathtubs?

A walk in shower with bathtub inside, also known as a tub-shower combo, provides the best of both worlds. Unlike a typical tub surrounded by shower curtains, it allows for an open shower space while still retaining a soaking tub inside the walk-in shower. The bathtub inside walk in shower is seamlessly built into the walk-in shower, either recessed into the floor or raised on a platform. This allows for easy access and prevents awkward climbs over a tub wall.

Walk in shower with bathtub inside offer several advantages. They provide accessibility for those who need it, like the elderly or injured. The open space is ideal for installing grab bars and seats. For others, it offers the versatility of both a refreshing shower and a relaxing bath in the same space. It also conserves space in smaller bathrooms by eliminating the need for separate fixtures.

Benefits of Walk-In Showers with Bathtubs Inside

There are many reasons to consider combining a walk-in shower and bathtub into one:

  • Accessibility - The threshold-free entry and open space is ideal for people with mobility issues. No tub wall to step over makes it safer to enter and exit. Grab bars and seats can be easily installed as needed.
  • Convenience - Enjoy both a rejuvenating shower or leisurely bath in one space. Great for families with varying bathing preferences or those who enjoy alternating between baths and showers.
  • Space-saving - The combo fits into a smaller footprint than having separate fixtures. It can fit into modestly sized bathrooms or small spaces like master suite additions.
  • Easy maintenance - One unified space means fewer grout lines, seams and crevices where mildew and soap scum can build up. Easier to keep clean.
  • Resale value - Walk-in tubs are highly desirable features. The combo can increase a home's value for future sales. It also adds a luxury spa element.
  • Safety - Grab bars, textured tub floors, fold-down seats and anti-slip treatments can be added to prevent falls and injuries. Especially helpful for elderly users.
  • Flexibility - Have the option for a quick shower or relaxing soak whenever desired. Accommodates different bathing needs day to day.

Walk in Shower with Bathtub Design Considerations

Integrating a bathtub into a walk-in shower requires some design finesse. The tub must fit harmoniously within the space without looking out of place. Consider the following when designing a walk-in shower with bathtub inside:

Seamless integration

Use the same materials and tiles for walls and tub surround to unify them seamlessly. Contrasting tiles can look disjointed. Matching wall and tub tiles make the space appear unified.


Skip a shower pan and extend floor tiles into the tub area for a flush, seamless look. Contrasting shower pan and tub materials can appear disconnected.

Tub style

Freestanding tubs can look out of place since they don't connect to the walls. Built-in, recessed, or platform tubs that fit snugly into the space blend better.

Tub placement

Locate the tub away from the entry opening and showerheads to prevent water splashing out. Place it strategically so it doesn't obstruct access.


Include useful items like shelving, soap niches, grab bars, textured tub floors, and fold-down seats placed conveniently.


Match finishes like hardware, tiles, lighting fixtures etc. for a harmonious look. Transitional design flows nicely.


Ensure proper slope for the shower floor and tub to prevent water pooling. Water should drain quickly.

Hiring experienced contractors is highly recommended to handle the technical aspects of installing properly. Planning for proper waterproofing and drainage is also crucial when installing these spaces with a bathtub inside walk-in shower. Hiring experienced contractors is highly recommended.

Walk in Shower with Bathtub Installation and Costs

Creating a walk-in shower with integrated tub requires expertise for proper installation. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

  • Hire professional plumbers and contractors for best results. Mistakes in waterproofing or plumbing can lead to major leaks, mold growth or rotting structural damage.
  • Remodeling an existing bathroom space often has higher costs than new construction. Additional demolition, moving plumbing lines, and restoring surfaces add labor and expenses.
  • The type of tub, shower fixtures, tiles, and accessories selected greatly impacts overall price. High-end options increase cost. Research reasonably priced quality materials.
  • Layout of existing plumbing can drive up costs if significant changes to water lines and drains are needed. This may involve opening up walls which raises labor time.
  • Accessibility features like grab bars, seats, and non-slip tub decking add cost. However, they are worthwhile for safety.
  • High-end tile materials like natural stone, glass mosaic, or larger format tiles add cost over basic ceramic tile. But they boost luxury.
  • Bathtub options range from budget acrylic to premium materials like stone resin or enameled cast iron. Prices span greatly.

With careful planning, research, and design, you can have the walk-in shower/tub combo of your dreams within a reasonable budget!

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Bathtub in Walk in Shower Maintenance Tips

A walk-in shower with tub requires proper care to keep it looking pristine and prevent issues:

  • Use a soft microfiber cloth and gentle, non-abrasive cleaner to wash the tub, shower walls and floors. Harsh chemicals can damage finishes over time.
  • Thoroughly squeegee and dry shower walls, doors, and tub surfaces after each use to prevent soap scum build up and mold/mildew growth.
  • Install shower water filtration to minimize hard water spotting, scale build up and mineral deposits that can etch surfaces.
  • Seal tile grout and any caulk joints annually to prevent moisture from seeping in behind walls and causing hidden mold or rot.
  • Inspect plumbing fixtures, showerheads and tub/shower drain covers regularly to ensure there are no leaks or dripping water.
  • Consider re-sealing the tub every 2-3 years to protect the surface and keep the glossy sheen looking new. Use a tub and tile refinishing kit.
  • Clean shower door tracks and seals regularly to allow doors to glide smoothly and prevent water dripping out.
  • Immediately wipe spills, hair dye, or bath products off surfaces to prevent stubborn staining.

Regular thorough cleaning and vigilance will help your walk-in tub/shower maintain its beauty and function for years before needing a remodel.

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Bathtub Inside Walk in Shower Design Inspiration

Looking for some design inspiration for a walk-in shower/tub combo? Here are some beautiful styles to consider:

  • Spa-like: Multiple showerheads, a rainfall showerhead, body sprays, and a soaking tub create a relaxing spa bathroom.
  • Contemporary: A sleek built-in tub, frameless glass shower doors, and modern plumbing fixtures make a stunning statement.
  • Neutral palette: Soothing earth tones, warm woods, and natural stone tiles promote tranquility.
  • Raised tub platform: Placing the tub on a ledge gives it an attractive focal point.
  • Glass tile accents: Adding glass mosaic tiles as an accent wall or on the tub face lends glamour.
  • Smart accessories: Incorporate useful design elements like shelving, niches, and charging docks.

With good planning and design, a walk-in shower tub combo can become the beautiful, functional centerpiece of your bathroom.


For home bathrooms, it's tough to beat the combination of a walk-in shower and soaking tub. This integrated design provides the best of both worlds in terms of accessibility, versatility, and style. With strategic planning and design choices, a seamlessly cohesive look can be achieved. For anyone seeking to upgrade their bathroom, this could be an appealing option to gain enhanced function and aesthetic appeal. With the help of experienced contractors, you can create a spa-like yet practical bathroom refuge by incorporating a walk-in shower/tub combo space.

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