The Empava PG06 Outdoor

Wood Fired Pizza Oven

The appearance adopts retro design,Versatile
cooking is a great companion for the outdoors

Features Of The Empava PG06

Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven

·  Special type design for even heat distribution.

·  The hardwood burning design for added smokiness.

·  The high temperature for authentic pizza.

Empava PG06 Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven
30in.Stainless Steel.Cookware accessories.Wood-fired
Color:Stainless Steels
Electrical ratings:120V 60Hz
Overall Size(WxDxH):38.6"x31"x78.8”
3-in-1 Pizza oven, BBQ and smoker
Warranty 2 Years   Fuel Type Wood Fuel   Cooking Zone 25.1"x29.5"
Pizza Size ≤24"   Heating Time 5 Minutes   Package Net Weight 62kg
Material Stainless Steel #430   Wooden Frame Size 35"×35"×27.26"(W*D*H)   Product Dimensions 38.6"×31"×78.8"(W*D*H)

Additional Features          Chimney, built-in temperature gauge, drawer, bottom shelf.

Accessories                     Hook, cutter, scraper, brush, shovel, firebrick, chimney handle, door handle.

Package List                   1 x Empava Pizza oven,1 x pizza spatula,1 x pizza cutter,1 x pizza shovel,1 x pizza brush,4 x hooks and 1 x manual.


Outstanding Features Of PG06

Empava PG06 wood-fired pizza oven has an Italian vintage style exterior and multi-functions in cooking. It is definitely the outstanding existence in your backyard and the most elegant one among 5 kinds of Empava outdoor pizza ovens.

Durable Materials

If you want your backyard oven to last a long time… It needs to have good bones. And by good bones, we mean top-notch materials. So we choose high-quality #430 Stainless Steel and strong 4 wheels to make it to be your perfect choice for outdoor gatherings or parties in your backyard, at the beach, or any outdoor space

Insulation Materials

A heavily insulated oven is a good thing to look for! This indicates a high-quality oven. we put 0.6” thickness fire bricks inside the oven, which enables its insulation and pre-heats to the temperature of 800°F with only 5 mins, which is the secret to making a crisp, leopard-spotted exterior and poofy, moist, and stretchy interior pizza.


As cooking outdoors becomes more and more popular, people are asking for more from a pizza oven and the inner size becomes so essential. With a 25.1"x29.5" cooking zone, it can cook pizza size ≤24", casseroles, vegetables bake bread, and even roast meats.