Empava BR04D Dual Zone Wine Cooler & Beverage Fridge

Equalize the temperature of each bottle

Configure a powerful and efficient compressor and worry about the unnecessary movement of 3 convection fans.

Can be determined, the sense of temperature control

Touch the control panel to adjust the required temp.

Full expansion shelf system and integrated storage system

Unique anti, shock technology, no need to.

The perfect combination of stainless steel with low-radiation glass

Dirty-resistant, easy to clean, and improves storage efficiency.

Side stainless steel handle Ensure easyopeningforeachuse

The perfect combination of stainless steel.

Empava WC08D Dual Zone Wine Cooler 70" Tall Wine Fridge

Double temperature and double control to ensure the optimal temperature

The upper region is 5°C - 10°C and the lower region is 10°C - 18°C.

14.3 cubic feet of have capacity

Meet a variety of wine, drinks, and snacks partition storage.

Touch control

Simple control panel, ideal temperature tentacles available.

With elegant blue LED lights

Perfect quality wine is presented, convenient to take and put.

Support for independent installation and embedded installation

Make the space more beautiful.

Stainless steel is paired with low-radiation glass

Dirty-resistant, easy to clean, and improve storage efficiency.



EMPAVA offers a well-designed built-in compact oven with different cooking methods and features to create an ultra-efficient workspace with its own personality and stylish look.

Range Hoods

With its range hood's rigorous process technology, EMPAVA can meet the different needs and preferences of its customers, making every home environment optimal.

Gas Cooktops

Our brand pursues excellence in professionalism and high-quality materials: from hand-forged cast iron and brass parts to enamel surfaces in custom colors and chrome or brass trims.
  • Make A Bold Or sleek Statement

    Empava is available in bold professional and sleek collections catering to your personal aesthetic.

  • Auto Function

    Custom-insert vent hoods sense heat from the cooking surface and automatically adjust the fan speed.

  • Paired To Perfection

    The Empava wall oven will turn into your best Thanksgiving turkey roaster.

  • More Than A Wine Cooler

    The Empava wine cooler is equipped with removable beech wood shelves, which can hold up to wine in different sizes.

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