The Empava 30GC26 30 in.

Built-in Gas Cooktops

The shape adopts a fashionable design and
Compliments well with any kitchen

Features Of The Empava 30GC26

Built-in Gas Cooktops

·  More even distribution of heat.

·  A wider range of cooking temperature options.

·  Less cooking time.

Empava 30GC26 30 in. Built-in Gas Cooktops
30in 5-Burners.39000-BTUSNG/LPG
Color:Tempered Glass
Electrical ratings: 110v /60hz
Overall Size(WxDxH)) : 29.92"x20.07"x4.52"
High power stove head, can realize different dishes cooking
Length 29.92 in.   Width 20.08 in.   Height 2.4 inches
Warranty 2 years   Cutout Length 28.58 inches   Cutout Width 18.54 inches
Pre-installed 110v power cord   Included Natural Gas Regulator and LPG Nozzles, LPG Conversion Kit   Compatibility Any Empava 24/30 in. under-counter single wall oven.

Cook Efficiently
4 versatile burners of different sizes, a dual ring 4.8" 13000-BTU burner, a 3.74" 10200-BTU burner, double 2.56" 6000-BTU burners, and 1.77" 3800-BTU burner distribute even heat for simmer, boil, stir-frying, steaming, melting, or even caramelizing!

Cook In Multiple Situations

LPG/NG (Both Nozzles Included) delivers the same maximum BTU power as propane and natural gas cooktops. It works manually without electricity, used for multi-purpose such as RVs, light cooking family, small kitchen, mobile home and outdoor cooking, etc.